1. How can I get in touch with Sonoma on a Bike?

    Let’s discuss your trip to Sonoma County!

    Call: We love talking about Sonoma County. Give us a call.
    Local: +1 (707) 568-3040
    Toll-free: +1 (800) 499-2453
    Email: If you can’t talk now, send us an email at:
    Fax: Our fax machine is ready if a fax is how you want to reach us.
    Fax: +1 (707) 568-3055
    Write: Feel free to drop us a note in the US Mail.
    Sonoma On A Bike
    2228 Northpoint Parkway
    Santa Rosa, CA 95407
  2. Do I need to be a strong athlete to enjoy a Sonoma on a Bike trip?

    People of all fitness levels can enjoy Sonoma on a Bike. If you can comfortably bike 20-30 miles each day, then you will be able to enjoy this trip. Sonoma on a Bike is about the journey. It is not a race. It is about experiencing what is special about Sonoma County.

  3. How is my luggage transported between hotels?

    Once you give your luggage to your guides at the start of the trip and each morning when you are moving to a new hotel, the guides will ensure that your luggage is transported safely to your hotel.

  4. What if folks on the trip are less (or more) into active travel than I am?

    Don’t worry, this is not a race. There will be folks at all fitness levels on the trip. Options will be available for folks wanting to do more or less mileage each day.

  5. What kind of support can I expect along the way, including help with my purchases?

    There will be a guide biking the route with you each day. In addition, a second guide in a van will be sweeping the route periodically to check on how everyone is doing. The van is available for transporting purchases and, if you desire, transporting you.

  6. What kind of trip information does Sonoma on a Bike provide to travelers?

    You will be given maps and route notes for each day’s biking.

  7. How long have you guys been doing this?

    Getaway Adventures, the parent company of Sonoma on a Bike, has been operating active travel adventures in Sonoma County for over 23 years.

  8. Can kids go on Sonoma on a Bike trips?

    Sonoma on a Bike trips are for people over the age of 21. Private and Custom trips are available for people who want to bring along folks under the age of 21.

  9. What’s a “single supplement”?

    While many of our guests go solo, our hotel prices are based on double occupancy. Thus, we have to charge a single supplement to an individual who requires a private room on a trip.

  10. What is the appropriate amount to tip a guide?

    While we believe that tipping is personal, we are asked about tipping enough that we feel it is important to give some direction. Our guides work hard providing excellent tour experiences. If our guides are meeting and exceeding your expectations, we recommend tipping 3-5% of the total tour price.

  11. What do I do with my valuables when I’m on a Sonoma on a Bike trip?

    Valuables should be left at home. If you must bring valuables on the trip, please understand that they are 100% your responsibility, regardless of what anyone (including guides) might tell you. Keep them with you at all times, or lock them in the hotel safe if you deem it adequately secure. It is not safe to leave valuables in our vans; while not common, break-ins do happen. Although we will transport your valuables during your trip as a convenience, we do not assume responsibility for any damage or loss. This policy applies to all valuables whether purchased on the trip or otherwise.